3 thoughts on “ACRL 2011–Declaring our interdependence.

  1. Margot – it was great to see you in Philly. I’ve been there twice in the last few years and still haven’t made it to Monk’s. Hope you had some mussels.

    My only quibble with what you’ve said is about Jaron Lanier. He was my favorite keynote by far, because he actually addressed the future of libraries in the digital world. I’m about 2/3ds through You are not a Gadget, and he’s definitely not a fan of cookie-cutter social media applications. It’s a plea for originality and expression. Make art. Make music. Make something. And perhaps libraries can find a role in helping you do that.
    Maybe we can put this on the next WMHIC agenda!

    • Thanks for commenting. I guess I should take a look at Lanier’s book. I wasn’t that enthralled with the idea of managing raw data for my job, but I am not a cataloging kind of gal. I do see merit in the library taking that role, as well as other KM for the institution. But, the idea of libraries supporting creativity does appeal to me.

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