“Success is Peace of Mind… ~ John Wooden

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We are Greater than AIDS.

…which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.”  In  Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, success is supported by Faith and Patience.  (Who is John Wooden?)  I have plenty of faith, but at times I lack patience.  And, this lack of patience could endanger my faith, right?  If success doesn’t come quickly enough.

On Wednesday,February 7, I had a table at the National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day event held at the Mason Square Branch Library.  The name of the event was I am my Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper.  Several times throughout the afternoon, we were encouraged to turn to each other and repeat those words, as well as “We are Greater than AIDS”.

In the past thirty years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase of life expectancy of those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  That’s the faith part.  We can do this… reduce the amount of transmission and deaths.  Patience?  For me, that points me toward diligent work at reaching those most at risk.  Realizing that it takes patient, diligent effort AND faith as we work towards Success.

Here’s why this is so imperative.  At my table, I gave away handouts from the CDC.  The Vital Signs data was startling to those I talked to.

Number of new HIV infections among youth in 2010:

  • Black males:  5600
  • Latino males:  2100
  • White males:  2100
  • Black females:  1400
  • Latina females:  290
  • White females:  280

In my outreach work, what is my role in addressing the health information needs of young, Black men?  My gut response is through networking, especially with those who work with and care for young men in the City of Springfield.  I can do that.

2 thoughts on ““Success is Peace of Mind… ~ John Wooden

  1. I really speculate how come you called this particular article, “Success is Peace of
    Mind ~ John Wooden | Point Guard Librarian”.
    Anyway I appreciated the article!Thanks,Les

    • Thanks for the comment. I am beginning a series of posts based on John Wooden’s advice for leadership. I like to concept of Success as being defined by how satisfied you are that you tried to do your best. Sometimes we give up because we don’t have enough faith in the project or enough patience to see it through.

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