In plain language, I mean that you have to work–and work hard.  There is no substitute for work.  Worthwhile things come only from real work.  I call it industriousness to make it clear that it involves more than merely showing up and going through the motions.~Coach John Wooden

Makes me tired just writing this!  Yes, OK, so we need to work.  In my current position, I have 2 types of work:  customer service & teaching/presenting.  For customer service, I need to be “on” to answer questions.  This means tapping into skills that I’ve developed over 16 years of working in libraries.  Assessing the information need and accessing the best information quickly.  Believe me, even in a face-to-face encounter, customers are impatient if I am fumbling around to locate a resource.  The more agile I am with my search techniques, the better.

Teaching/presenting requires me to do preparatory work.  Each audience is different; each venue offers its challenges.  Over time, I change topics and styles of teaching.  Depending on the venue, I might do promotion for my classes.  My effectiveness depends upon me doing more than just showing up.  I need to be engaged.  And, for a variety of audiences.

My upcoming schedule:

I am not an athlete.  I am so impressed with the effort it takes to be an athlete.  True industriousness.  And, I am impressed by those athletes who decide to turn around and nurture young athletes.  Here’s a feel-good story from the Birthplace of Basketball:  Springfield’s own Derek Kellogg and my alma mater, the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. Go Minutemen!

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